Our Instructors

The Ontario School of Piping and Drumming offers a blend of top level solo and pipe band instructors, making up what we feel is the finest summer school faculty in the world.

Our instructors are not only highly accomplished musicians, they are passionate, experienced teachers who are known for their positive teaching methods.

Piping Instructors

Jack Lee

j_leeOne of the most sought after instructors in the world, Jack Lee has reached the pinnacle of both solo and band piping.  His prizes include both Gold Medals, the Inverness Clasp, two Silver Stars for Light Music, three piobaireachd prizes and the overall prize at the Glenfiddich Championship, among others.  Jack is co-founder and Pipe Sergeant of the Grade 1 World Champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band.

Bruce Gandy

b_gandyBruce Gandy has established himself among the world’s top players by capturing both Gold Medals and countless other high profile prizes. Bruce’s top-notch teaching skills were perfected in his three years as lead instructor at PEI’s College of Piping. He resides in Halifax where he performs and teaches full-time.

Ken Eller

k_ellerKen Eller is one of the best known bagpipe instructors in North America. A successful solo competitor in his early years, he has led or been a member of bands that have won 16 North American Championships. He co-directed a bagpipe making business and was a long-time member of the 78th Fraser Highlanders. His knowledgeable, charismatic style make him a perennial favourite at OSPD.

Ian K MacDonald

Ian K is an accomplished piper in both band and solo settings.  He joined the Toronto Police Pipe band at age 13 and continued as a member until he became Pipe Major in 1996.  In 2016 Ian accomplished one of his career goals by winning both Gold Medals at Oban and Inverness in the same year.  With this accomplishment he received his second invitation to the prestigious Glenfiddich Piping Competition. Ian is very proud to have been awarded Champion Supreme for Piobaireachd by the Piper’s and Pipe Band Society of Ontario for the past few years and he enjoys listening to the next generation of talented player’s beginning their journey in competitive solo piping in Ontario. Ian is a Detective with the Toronto Police Service and a proud husband of the beautiful Brenda, and father to Colin (17), Cameron (16 – 2016 Ontario Champion Grade 4 Snare Drummer) and the lovely Ashlyn (14).

Gaelic Instructors

Angus MacLeod

Angus MacLeod is from Goose Cove, Cape Breton. Born into a Gaelic speaking home, Angus learned his Gaelic in that environment and from local elders. This was complemented by Gaelic language studies at Cape Breton University in Sydney, C.B., and many immersions and workshops. Angus is a Vice President, advisor, and a Gaelic teacher with the Atlantic Gaelic Academy. He is also a Gaelic singer, writer, actor, storyteller and artist and conducts Gaelic language and song workshops in Nova Scotia. He has been involved with the Gaelic program at the OSPD from it’s inception and he and Kerrie Kennedy have worked together to develop a curriculum suited to this school’s needs.

Kerrie Kennedy

Kerrie Kennedy is a co-founder, along with Janice Chan and Heather Sparling. of the Toronto Gaelic Learners’ Association. Kerrie and has been teaching Gaelic since 2000 to students working at a variety of levels, both privately and in classroom settings.  Kerrie aims to create a fun, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere in class where people feel at ease, and feel comfortable trying out their new language skills. Kerrie began learning Gaelic as an adult and she remembers well what it was like to start from square one and what it was like to return to school after many years of being away – and is proof that you can learn to speak the language no matter what age you begin to learn Gaelic.